Knitting and packing…………

One of the things I will have in my garage sale is my set of dishes.  I have 12 place settings and many, many extra pieces.  I had the original boxes for almost all of it.  That is the advantage of a huge walk up attic.  Or is that a disadvantage because it allows you to keep so much.  Yesterday I was packing it all up and had to empty and wash out the 2 sets of salt and pepper shakers.  My son stopped by and carried the doll house up from the basement and got down all kinds of dishes for me from the cabinet above the refrigerator.  I was also vacuuming the garage.

When I needed a break I turned to my knitting and reading.  I always have at least 2 in progress.  This 2 of the 4 I have in progress right now.

I finished this patriotic dishcloth a few days ago.

We’re in for some hot and rainy weather this week.  The humidity sticks around even when it cools off after a storm.  It sounds like Friday will be cooler.  The sun shines into my garage early in the morning so I’m hoping for cool when I open my doors for the sale.


15 thoughts on “Knitting and packing…………

  1. Glad you're taking some time out for breaks. Your dishes are nice a colorful…exactly what I would expect from someone with a blog named Exuberant color!

  2. I am wishing you lots of success with your garage sale. I need to do that but it is too hot here for it now. Seeing your dishcloths reminded me that I had the oddest dream last night. I was shopping somewhere and they had yarn for seven cents a skein. I was trying to grab it all. I remember that the colors were very pretty.

  3. I am glad I don't have that kind of attic – my husband would have it filled to the gills by now! such a packrat I tell you! It is bad enough that he has the loft of the workshop packed too much with things he will never use and should be given to goodwill.

  4. We have to empty our linen closet to get into our attic, so nothing stored up there. It sounds like you'll have some great things for sale! Wish I could come. Im sure it'll be a success.I like to keep some mindless knitting on the go. We just can't sit idle, can we?

  5. I like your patriotic dishcloth! It looks like the self-striping yarn came out very symmetrically.Good luck with your sale! We are expecting the same weather as you this week, so I will be happy to stay in and sew. 🙂

  6. Your dishes are fantastic if those salt and pepper shakers are any indicator! So happy and colourful and fun! Love them! I bet they sell in seconds!

  7. You keep me going with your busy days… I think I have to keep up with Wanda. (*._,*)We need to get a garage sale going also. We didn't get to it for the last few years so we have a stash like none other. I think we should all be like you and your neighbors that have one every year or every other year.Such a 'fun' and pretty set of dishes… and complete plus extra's. Should sell in a hurry. Always enjoy seeing your knitting too. JJM

  8. I remember those dishes as I had a serving bowl to that set. I too have gotten rid of old dishes etc. I am down to one set of dishes, my china which is pure white. I decided that it was time to use it for every day instead of a couple times of year during the holidays. I am getting old and I might as well enjoy it while I can. Good luck with the garage sale as they are alot of work. I hope you sell it all. Looks as if your morning storms are heading my way.

  9. I think I recognize those salt shakers–bet they match my daughter's dishes. Very cute. Lucky that you have the space and the time to decide what you really want and need. Good luck with your sale.

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