8 rows sewn……..

Several people have asked what size my triangles are.  I am cutting them with my Studio die.  It looks like if you were doing them manually, you would be cutting 4″ strips and cutting on the 60 degree line with your ruler.

I can cut 10 triangles at a time, 12 layers thick, so 120 triangles with one crank through the cutter.  I spread the pieces out here so you can see the shapes better.  I started out in my quiltmaking drawing around a cardboard template and cutting 1-2 layers at a time with scissors.  I have paid my dues.  50+ years later I am doing it an easier way.

This may not look any different from yesterday’s photo, but the top 8 rows are all sewn together now.  8 rows = 25″.  13 rows would make a 41″ square wallhanging, 299 triangles.  Just figuring out loud here.


15 thoughts on “8 rows sewn……..

  1. I actually quit quilting in the late 80s because I could not get accurate results with cardboard templates and scissors and it drove me crazy. Rotary cutters and plastic gridded rulers/squares brought me back. I don't know if I would get enough use out of a cutter as I don't use anything besides strips, squares and rectangles. You certainly do not need to apologize for using one. It is the quilt that matters, not how you get there. Lots of quilts is even better.Linda

  2. I started quilting in the rotary cutting age, so I have only used a template once. It was for a wall hanging. I am sure I would not have made quilts if I had to do cardboard templates. Way to go on the sewing!

  3. Your cutter is awesome! Don't have one myself but what a time saver! I remember way back, going to a guild work day to cut charity quilts – I brought my (new at the time) rotary equipment, and everyone else was drawing around cardboard templates. It was like they didn't trust me or something! haha Have a great day!

  4. glad you have a fun tool to help make the process easier to get on with sewing and layout. sometimes when I think out loud and count parts I get all freaked out LOL. Lovely quilt as always.

  5. My first quilt class was 30 years ago with Eleanor Burns and we didn't cut anything-we tore the fabric in hundreds of strips-all I made were log cabins and I made them for everyone in my family. We have come a long way!

  6. Thank you for the picture. I was wondering about the size of your triangles. I can't imagine trying to use cardboard templates and scissors to make quilts. I love the new tools we have now.

  7. I use my Go! Baby a lot and plan on using it a whole lot more–age'll do that! Great looking piece–I really like the black/grey triangles a lot–they set it all off so well…hugs, Julierose

  8. Cutters, and all else designed to make quilting days go so much better, clever people who design anything like this. I, too would use one if I did as much as you do, thanks for showing us the magic. Cheers, Jean. p.s. last time I did triangles was with a degree ruler, took ages.

  9. thank you for the info on the size. I have the Go, but have not found a die for the triangle. May be cutting the 4 inch strip LOL.I too started quilting using a cardboard template, tracing and cutting with scissors.

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