Rows 5 and 6………..

I finished designing rows 5-8 from Wed. night and then designed one more row.  After I took this photo I sewed the rest of rows 5 and 6.

You have to pay attention when sewing these triangles if you want nice sturdy rows with no bias at the top or bottom.  Each triangle has one side on grain and 2 bias sides.  The straight grain edge must be at top and the bottom of adjacent pieces.

All seams need to be pressed to the left (or away from the last piece added) to have points at both ends to match. 

I continued working on garage sale stuff.  I have one more week to get it all together and marked.


10 thoughts on “Rows 5 and 6………..

  1. This piece is so full of "exuberant color" adding drama with the black's/charcoal's. You always make designs look so easy that I never even thought about working with bias cuts. Your hydrangea is probably a month ahead or ours. Just so pretty. And coleus always catch ones eye with their colorful leaves. Don't know what happen to my yesterday routine, but busy – ness.JJM

  2. Sigh . . . when I paired mine, I was focused on the color combos and not the grain. And the pairs were pressed to the darker of the two triangles.We'll see how this turns out – since I was not nearly as careful as you're being. Thanks for the lesson (even if I'll have to save it for 'next' time)

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