Am I done yet?………..

 I have added 3 rounds of green and am not sure if I’m done.  It is about 37″ square right now.

I have 2 pieces of this yellow/green which I have contemplated adding on all 4 sides and then I can trim this into a squarer shape.  I will be gone part of today and part of tomorrow so I think this will simmer for a couple days.


24 thoughts on “Am I done yet?………..

  1. Love it! I like the intensity of the fiery yellows in the center, contrasting with the cooler colors surrounding. I'd stop here, or I wonder how it would look framed in sand, or in b/w?

  2. The green you added gives the piece another dimension, and some depth. I would add more of the same color of green rather than the yellow green. The yellow green seems to take away from the dimension that the green gives the yellow in your center. Any how I know it will end up beautiful as all your pieces do.

  3. I think you are through. I like the quilt as I followed it through your concepts thus far, but the plan your making seems to turn it into a different feeling for me. That may be what you really want it to be, but for me – it is done.

  4. My two bobs' worth from Down Under – it doesn't hurt to let a quilt sit on the wall & let it contemplate how it wants to proceed!!! You'll know when you get back to it.

  5. This has been fun to watch from day to day. I love the colors layered against each other. Really adds a depth to the quilt. I wanna come watch you sew—I bet I could learn so much. In reality–I will keep reading your blog and enjoying the design process of such a creative quilter!!

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