16 patch top done, cacti new home…

 I worked on this top several times yesterday and finished sewing it together.  It is so much prettier in person.

I guess that is because the prints show up when you see it closer. 

I think this is my favorite block.

This is where my cacti are residing for the summer.  Now that the tree is gone in front of the house they get a little too much sun so when it gets really hot I’ll probably have to take them inside and put them back out after 2 p.m.  My other option would be to make some kind of cover for the rack early in the day.

5 people with no email links asked me questions last week.  This is a reminder that I have an email link on my right side bar.  If you really want an answer, email me.  If you have a Blogger account and have made it private, there is no link.  If you have Google+ there usually is no link.  If you haven’t enabled your email address in your Google account, there is no link.  I have no way to contact you to answer your questions.


16 thoughts on “16 patch top done, cacti new home…

  1. I love your stand for your cacti. I tried a yellow scrap starter, but think I made it a little big. I will experiment tomorrow, as we have a day off for the Queen's Birthday.

  2. Prettier in person? Hard to believe. Well, except I know just how that is.I love the play of soft pink/peach colors here and there: It reminds me of an opal.Frebblebit

  3. So glad to see the 16sq. done. It reminds me of streams in the High Sierras whose surfaces reflect the sky and the trees around them as they make their way. BooTful:)

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