Thursday’s theme was "focus"……….

 I finally got all 108 blocks up on the wall and decided on an arrangement.  I’ll sew them together today.  After a fun day with friends yesterday I was ready to focus on several projects.

Number 10 out of 12 stars is finished.  I cut the star points for the last two blocks too.  I also finished tearing out the paper in the rest of the Stepping Stone blocks in the second column.

I added two more rounds of strips edging my way out from purple to periwinkle.  Next will be true blue, then turquoise and green.  I think it is in the 22″ range right now.

I thought I dug out all of the spiderwort when I was planting the last dozen or so of hostas last fall.  The spiderwort dies down before the end of summer so the hostas will fill in the spaces.

This is the native plant Heliotrope.  I know there is another plant totally different with the same name.  The flowers are very fragrant.  The plant is rather invasive so I have to keep it controlled.  Since these are growing on my bark path through the garden I will dig them out when they are done blooming.

Here is a link to Sharon’s blog for the shortbread cookie recipe (cookies that I showed yesterday).  I mix mine with a mixer now instead of cutting the butter in with a pastry cutter and they still come out fine.


16 thoughts on “Thursday’s theme was "focus"……….

  1. Wow! So productive! I really love the batik 16 patches. I am going to make a batick quilt for my MIL this summer and am already planning to use my scraps for this! Thanks for the daily inspiration :).

  2. Your projects are all so pretty – you have a lot going on! 🙂 I made that cookie recipe for the first time this past Christmas. They are delicious. I will definitly make them again!

  3. Love the hits of pink in the checkerboard quilt! The background print for the star is very cool and the color rounds are so fun! I was surprised last evening when I went to dig up some plants to give to a co-worker that despite all the rain we got yesterday the ground was still dry. There was enough moisture to make the digging fairly easy, but we could use more rain. It is cool here too. It will interesting to see if my cannas can handle this weather.

  4. Another great post today Wanda ~ 108 blue blocks, to your star, your new piece and garden photo's. Made my day.Get ready for some heat… We have had above average temps the last several days. Like it was 93 yesterday !JJM

  5. Love that black and white background print in your star block!!! Heliotropes confuse me as well because there is another plant with the same name. Then there is helianthus, the sunflower.

  6. You must be loving that blue now! I want to make one of those coloured blocks starting with yellow…it's looking yummy scrummy. I have the other heliotrope, so was interested to see the tall version.

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