3 more rounds…………

I sewed on 3 more rounds of strips yesterday.  I think I’ll add one more round of purple before I add the blue.
My neighbors have a mock orange bush on the lot line behind me.  It is as fragrant as the peonies and lilacs.
This is the left back corner of my lot. The mock orange bush is in the center back.  My gardens are like jungles.  This is why I dig up the hostas every 3 years and wiggle the babies loose and pot them.  There isn’t room to let them get any bigger.  I dug out a bunch of the day lilies so I could plant the hostas in the front and you can see the lilies are taking over again.  I have a couple volunteer redbud trees at the left that I’ll probably leave there since a large one to the left of this will probably die off in a few years.
The red wigiela bush is the last of the three to bloom.  It is loaded this year.
The bush has never had a nice shape so I’ll probably trim it way back again this year and see if it looks better next year.


16 thoughts on “3 more rounds…………

  1. I looked at the enlarged photo of the orange piece and am amazed at how the new colors quiet down the zing of the oranges, not in a bad way, but tempering them and putting them in context. As you add more strips, do you keep all the values of the new colors on the dark end, or do you sneak in light values of the colors?

  2. I have one more planting bed to try and tame – it looks a lot like your back corner! It contains Bubba, my 20 year old mugo pine, some kind of flowering bush (I have no idea what it is), some Lenten roses, and day lilies that have spread and spread. I am going to dig out the Lenten roses and transplant several of them and give some away to someone I work with. Since this bed gets full hot southern sun I will just let the lilies be since they can handle the heat. Oh, there are plenty of weeds too!

  3. Each additional strip grows more beauty. LIke your garden blossoms it just glows. As always such great photo's.I often wish my spring blossoms would last all summer.JJm

  4. We too have the mock orange blossom in the garden by the front porch, I look forward every year to the delicious fragrance. Still liking your current project even more!

  5. I love the quilt in progress. The colors are fantastic. Yes, you do have a full area in your yard. With the rain we have had this year everything is so lush. Day lilies were divided this year and put in new areas. The yards look wonderful.

  6. I walk a lot and come across the mock orange from time to time. Would they still be fragrant if you were to cut some branches and bring them in? Like lilacs?

  7. Mock orange is one of my favorite scents. I passed a large bush walking to elementary school. My own bush doesn't like the spot where it is planted, and is not doing well. I really should move it.

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