Where are the finishes?………..

I meant well, thought I would finish several pieces in May.  I quilted one and still haven’t put the binding on.  I finished sewing this one together last night (57″ x 68″), so one quilted, one top sewn together.  I’m still tearing paper out of the Stepping Stones quilt blocks.  Well, I still have today left to get something done.  My book is too good and I can’t put it down so that is one reason. 

20 thoughts on “Where are the finishes?………..

  1. Don't forget, all that gardening takes time! And didn't you do all that charity sewing? Sewn together the quilt looks great, can't wait to see how you are going to bind it.Linda

  2. It is stunning! I have switched to audio books-that way I can sew while I listen-but I am so slow I need too! You are a speedster that gets more accomplished than anyone I follow!

  3. This is one Exciting, EXUBERANT, Energetic, quilt top. Fabrics and design are just exploding off the screen. It is MY current favorite !As the other commenters… reminded you… we remember all the other projects that you created and made this month… not to mention all your spring yard work.JJM

  4. We all do need "time out"…you work so continuously….here today, it was 72 degrees at 7 am! Phew–too hot for me…and humid. Inside in air is the way to sew!! have a cool weekend..julierose

  5. I have several non-finishes for May too! I am going to refocus my efforts in June – no messin' about for me! I just have to get over being tired and accomplish something. This pinwheel quilt is great!!!!!

  6. This quilt is stunning. I never would have thought to put those fabrics together. When I first looked at it today I thought of crop circles. Good books are definitely hard to put down:)Laura T

  7. This pinwheel quilt is the perfect marriage of color and pattern! The temperature is just right these days for sleeping under your zig-zag quilt.

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