In the mail…………

I was chatting via email with Cathi from the blog Quilt Obsession and mentioned that I had an antique doll bed.  She loves making miniature quilts all pieced by hand.  Check out this post where she shows the blocks with a ruler to show how small they are.  Also she shows the backing fabric and the block she used for the label.   On this post while the quilt was in progress, she shows the wrong side of the patchwork so you can see how neat the pressing is.  I am so happy to be the recipient of this wonderful quilt.  I would never have the patience to make blocks that small.
Usually the peonies start blooming before Memorial Day and some years they are all done by then.  I only had one flower this year by Monday but yesterday 2 bushes were in bloom.  My lilacs are the late variety and they are in bloom too.  The backyard smells heavenly.  It almost makes mowing the grass a pleasure.  I even enjoyed pulling weeds while enjoying the fragrance.

21 thoughts on “In the mail…………

  1. Wow! I am with you – I would never have the patience to hand piece a quilt like that. It is just beautiful! I have a vintage doll bed that an x neighbor's father or grandfather made. It is not fancy like yours – just very plain. I bought it for my grandmother's doll, but I have never got around to making a matress or quilt for th bed. I need to put that on my things to do list.

  2. Loved seeing Cathi's creation on its bed! I have followed her blog for a long time and we have become good friends. Where in N IL are you? I grew up in that part of the country! I now live in TX,but am spending the summer in Montreal! Hugs, Barb

  3. I follow her blog too and love the Baxtertoons. I don't have the patience to piece things that are so small but am fascinated by her work. Love the doll bed that the quilt was made for.

  4. I've been watching this one grow on her blog. It is amazing. So glad you got it. Now you need a nice handmade lace canopy for the bed. I haven't seen one like that before.

  5. Quilt Obsession… This lady has nimble fingers and then some. What a treat to see her work. She is a 'master' of miniature quilt making and I will go back to her blog now and tell her. And again… your blossoms compliment the mini quilt, and are as pretty. I bet your peony bouquet is almost as big as the quilt. Great post again today Wanda,JJM

  6. oh! I have a canopy bed like yours! I guess it's antique because I got it when I was a child 60 years ago. It has the original canopy and other bedding. It's a little worse for wear from grandchildren sitting on the canopy! What a treasure your friend is for adding such a lovely quilt!

  7. What an incredible work of art and labor of love! I'm so glad it lives with you now. And your flowers are beautiful. I was thrilled to discover my gardenias blooming when I went out (finally) to do some weeding this morning.

  8. I can almost smell the peonies just from that picture! I think I'll head to the florists and see if they are in here yet! There is nothing like a few peonies in a vase.

  9. I love the dolly quilts but I too do not have the patience to make them. The one you have looks wonderful and love the bed.My lilacs are all blooming too. When I went out to fill the bird feeders the whole yard smells wonderful. I wish that smell could be bottled to smell exactly how it smells when blooming.

  10. Peonies and lilacs are some of my favorites and we can't grow them in so cal, unfortunately. Yours are so lovely… I hope you brought a large bunch of them inside! 🙂

  11. peonies smell heavenly for sure-I have one in the front and can smell it all the way down the driveway. This is the first year in a long time that rain hasn't knocked them down before their time!!

  12. What a beautiful antique doll bed….that miniature on it is perfect. Everytime I look at miniatures I think of the one my sister and I did and after both of us said Never again!!!But I sure admire them at shows etc. My peonies are late too. Buds are not even forming yet on some. Tree peonies look good though.

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