3 projects……

I decided it was time to start sewing the rows together.  I was shocked at the secondary pattern.  Stare at one of the setting squares and you will see 4 dark triangles connect to it in a water wheel sort of pattern.  I didn’t see that when the blocks had the little crack of white between them as I designed the quilt.  Other than that I like it better sewn than as loose blocks.  I think the binding needs to be the hand dyed fabric.
I also chose the last 12 blue fabrics and got the strip sets sewn last night.  I’ll slice them and sew the blocks today.
In the last two days I finished three of the four dishcloths I had in the works.  I knitted 12 rows on the one still in progress and started another new one.  I need to do the machine embroidery on the dish towels that will go with these when I donate them.

8 thoughts on “3 projects……

  1. Love how the pinwheel is coming along. And the blue strips for the new project. Neat dishcloths! All three! Love those yarns and patterns. Thank you for sharing pictures of your knitting.

  2. As usual you have been very busy… I can not see the water wheel design at all. And I am really staring (*._,*) I will look again later…Such pretty BLUES plus the dish cloths too.JJM

  3. I wasn't too sure what I thought about the 'parasol' fabric when you first showed it just over a week ago. NOW I'm totally in love with it! And I think your secondary pattern is very neat. I had to look hard and then it hit me in the face!

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