Memorial day……a day of reflection….

Today we reflect on the phrase “Freedom is not free” as we remember all who have fought for our freedom.  

I completed 30 more blocks, 2 each of 15 yesterday.  I think I’m up to 96 blocks out of 108.
I had my zoom lens out to the max so the photos are a little fuzzy. I finally got the cardinal pair together in a photo.
This is where one is passing a seed to the other.
The bunny was keeping an eye on the cardinals while he was eating bird seed.  I need to dig out that little redbud tree so I have a better view.

11 thoughts on “Memorial day……a day of reflection….

  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing your blue quilt when it's together. I love your fabric choices for it!We have a pair of cardinals on the roof garden this year. They are so beautiful!

  2. What great pictures. I have only seen one cardinal in my life-when I was visiting family in Maine. It was a male and was the most beautiful bird I think I have ever seen. Loving that quilt!

  3. Love those blues, Wanda! This will be a stunning quilt. Can't wait to see it. We had two bunnies in our yard late last night when we returned home. No more duck sightings though.

  4. I love you birdie pics,. I spend far too much time watching the blackbirds . They are building their nest in a conifer 4ft away from my conservatoryVery nice quilt coming on with the windmills and circles . A beautiful pairing of fabbic

  5. This is one quilt I am anxiously waiting to see … I know it is BLUE like I have never seen before.What a treat to see your cardinals… wish we had them here, but at least I can see your photo's of them.JJM

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