New busy work, and a sunset………..

This is my latest busy work project which I started last Thursday.  Two strips of batik 2.5″ wide will make 2 blocks. I was able to finally put them up on the wall when the art quilters were here Monday.  I can see I need to make a lot more of the darker blocks.  I have 48 blocks done and I need 60 more to make a quilt 72″ x 96″. 
I don’t see many pretty sunsets in town but last night the one after I finished mowing the front yard was a pretty one.  Once again my nature photo is similar to the quilt I am working on.
Yesterday morning I went to Sewing, Etc. in Yorkville IL where the QOV sew in is held and did some cutting for them.  Then I had to purchase some fabric.  I got a half yard of each.  I didn’t choose them to go with each other but they make a dashing trio.

18 thoughts on “New busy work, and a sunset………..

  1. I have wondered several times if you did that on purpose. With your quilt photo reflecting nature photo. I do enjoy seeing both. And… my oh my ~ I agree what a dashing trio of new fabrics.JJM

  2. A dashing trio, indeed. I really like the way they look together. And your leader ender batik project is very nice, too. I make my 36-patch blocks as leader enders and it's always amazing how quickly they come together….and how fun they are to do. Ha! I see my verification words are "lividly cooling"….could be the name of your blue 16 patch quilt!!

  3. Before last year, we could see pretty sunsets in the city, then they built a new elementary school across from us and no more sunsets! I like the colors in the quilt.Nan

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