Decision made on one………..

I cut the umbrella (parasol) fabric into squares and started designing on the wall.  I decided it needs to be larger, one more row across the bottom and finish the row on the right plus fill in the hole, 9 more blocks.  I can start cutting the setting triangles too now that I know how many I need.
Here are 5 pairs of fabric for more pinwheels. I mowed my back yard last night and then storms came into the area and I had my machine unplugged so no sewing.
Now that I have 8 star blocks done I can analyze what other colors I may need to add to it.  The white/black fabrics look crisper in person, more grayed in a photo.  I will have to be more choosy for the rest of the white/blacks.
Half of my Viburnum bush has flowers and half has none.  Does that mean it is both male and female?  Luckily the blooms are on the branch that I can see from the kitchen window.
This is my other pale pink columbine.  I thought I had lost the plant but it finally came up and shot up a flower stalk about two feet high.  The lily of the valley is trying to choke it out.


14 thoughts on “Decision made on one………..

  1. The plant that you reference as being a viburnum – I have one just like it and the tag says it's a lace cap hydrangea. Hmmm. Wonder if it's marked incorrectly?

  2. Loved the KF umbrellas the first time and love them still. The B&W and stars is going to be a favorite-I just know it. No rain here-but then there hardly ever is-darn!

  3. Umbrella/pin wheel is just mesmerizing so far… can hardly wait till you add more.Every star block is magical. And your blossom's continue to make me smile.JJM

  4. The parasol fabric quilt is wonderful..great job there Wanda. I love the snowball tree..Mine is huge. I never heard of half and half. Maybe it is the sun? Take care

  5. They both look wonderful as you move along in your designing. I see that I need to add more black and white prints to my fabric stash. I always enjoy seeing our flowers. They are usually so different from what's in bloom here.

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