Stars and pots……….

I showed the star points and pinwheel blocks laying on the white/black prints last week.  Yesterday I cut the triangles and squares and sewed them.  They are 16″ square and I think they need some black/white sashing so I need to make at least 9 more for a lap size quilt (or more if I decide to make it bigger).
I had a gift certificate to a local nursery so I bought plants for my porch pots yesterday afternoon.
I was able to save a few coleus cuttings from last year.  I keep them in water all winter and then plant them in the spring.  If I planted them as soon as they rooted I would have had larger plants.  Some of the stems were getting woody so I hope they survive.  The whole idea was to save some money on plants this year.


13 thoughts on “Stars and pots……….

  1. Love the black and white backgrounds again the saturated colors! I dig up my cannas every year. I haven't planted them yet, because it has been cold at night, but I think they will go in the ground this weeken. If I don't get them planted now they won't get nice and tall.

  2. I love the look of the stars. The porch pots are looking great too. We're expecting to be in the 90s today. The time for setting new plants is over here, but I'll pick my first tomatoes later today.

  3. Every time you show a design with bright colors and a black and white background, I think "I am going to try that" and sure enough I said it again this morning:) Nice!

  4. What is it with black 'n white or grey and white back grounds, that make your designs just explode ? They are gorgeous ! Porch pots and your coleus cuttings, make a wonderful welcome. Spring is always so full of work outside but rewards us with beauty through autumn. JJM

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