10 of 14 rows sewn, garden pics…………

I needed to get this quilt off the design wall too so I sewed some more rows.  I have 10 of 14 sewn and should be able to finish seams in one direction today.
I’m still digging out dandelions. This one has been mowed over so a lot of leaves are gone but look at the length of that root.  I think I broke off the end of it so it was even longer.  It’s no wonder we can’t get rid of them.
There was one rose breasted Grosbeak under the feeder yesterday morning.
He cooled off his feet and had a drink in the bird bath while he was here. 
The green and the striped Jack in the Pulpits are blooming.

14 thoughts on “10 of 14 rows sewn, garden pics…………

  1. I have found a weed killer with household items that works. 4c of vinegar, 1/2cup of table salt and a teaspoon of dish soap. Within a couple hours they are dead. Kills grass like between walk ways and where it shouldn't be. Chris

  2. My weeds are the same on the west coast. I pulled up a wheel barrow full of them the other day. We had such a mild winter, grrr. We need a few weeks of freezing weather to kill off that crap!

  3. The graceful blossoms of your Jack in the Pulpit, violets around your bird bath, with the rose breasted Grosbeak. Make pretty photo's of spring… not to mention all the work involved with spring clean up. I am going to try "sewing junky's" recipe for dandelions. Always love to see your dotted fabric combinations.JJM

  4. I love the quilt you are working on. That gray dotted fabric is so cool! I am battling the weeds too. I have thistle which is just as bad as the dandylions. My neighbor has a thistle infestation so we all do now!

  5. The root of that dandelion must have gone to China. LOL With a root like that we should be able to cook and eat it. I have had the Grosbeaks for a couple of weeks now. Glad they found your house now. Also love Jack in the Pulpit. It hids itself well and is so beautiful. Spring is a wonderful time of the year.

  6. Wanda – love the quilts, but I too am addicted to cotton wash cloths I have put them in my guest bathrooms, in my kitchens (have a second home to fill up too- LOL)Als – the weed thing – used the vinegar solution from one of the previous posts and works great on my brick walk way -vinegar is basically acetic acid so it kills the plant.

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