Sashing progress………

The progress is slow on this quilt.  I have been tearing out some of the paper after I get sections sewn together.  I need to get the pieced border started but I haven’t even chosen the fabrics yet.  The art quilters group is coming next week so I will start cleaning the basement too.  This quilt needs to be off the wall by then so I’ll have to do a few blocks a day.


12 thoughts on “Sashing progress………

  1. I'm lovin this quilt, the shades are wonderful. I guess you used a big needle and tiny stitches for you pping. I used to pp all the time and had loads of trouble with it until I discovered the secret.Can't wait to see this one together it's outstanding!

  2. It is looking great, Wanda! I know that whichever fabrics you choose will compliment the body of the quilt well. Looking forward to seeing more progress!

  3. This quilt is looking like it's going to be stunning, a real eye-catcher.I also hated picking out the papers on the back, until I discovered the way to do paper piecing without sewing the paper down, now it's a breeze – on most patterns that is!

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