Triangles again……

I sewed another pile of triangle squares last night.  I was so sore from digging and mowing that I had to do some low key sewing.  I dug out all of my tall tiger lilies and replanted one bunch in the original spot and planted 8 of them in the back garden.  I have another 8-10 that I will put in pots today.  I dug/pulled a bunch more volunteer tree sprouts.  My battery powered mower stopped working half way through the front yard so I hope my neighbor will finish mowing for me.    I tried to finish up with my push mower (no motor) but the grass was too long and it kept jamming.
I took this photo Tuesday with the sunlight shining on the Indigo Bunting’s feathers.  It totally changed the color of blue.  I think they have continued on their migration since I didn’t see any yesterday.
Now, for yesterday’s post for the giveaway: 22 of the 112 commenters by 11 p.m. last night are no reply and did not put their email address in their comment.  That makes the other 90 people very happy because there are better odds of their winning.  It makes me unhappy however because I think some do not know they have no way to be contacted when they are a no reply.  I’m going to list all of them here and give them another chance to comment on this post with an email address (or fix their settings so they aren’t a no reply).  Here they are in sequence from morning to evening: Joan, Stoney, Joyce, Rebecca Wilson, Lola-Sue, Jane, ran, Elaine Swatniki, Ellen White, Phyllis, witje, Rachel, Jody, Linda Schiffer, Liz, Margaret Griffiths, Judi, Sukie0111, Lisa Shenk, Anonymous-Valerie, Karen Pryce, Ann.
You either have a Google account but haven’t put a check in the box that says Show my Email Address, or you have a Google+ which has no way to contact you or you are truly anonymous.
Again as I said yesterday, in your email address use the word at instead of the symbol and the word dot instead of a period for security reasons.

22 thoughts on “Triangles again……

  1. I am so technologically deficient with all this social media. Thank you so much for the opportunity to correct my post. I can be reached at rawdesign1956atgmaildotcomThank you!Rebecca Wilson

  2. Sometimes, when I'm especially tired, I just enjoy doing repetitive stitching too. That pile by your sewing machine bears a strong resemblence to my sewing area right now.

  3. That sounds like a lot of digging and yard work! Will you be hurting a bit the next couple of days? It is suppose to be cool here this weekend so I will be back to cleaning up the back yard. I need to make some major headway as everything is growing quickly. I just can't work outside when it get over 75 degrees anymore. I am such a wimp!

  4. You have lots of colorful and fun ways to divide your time- gardening, bird-watching, playing with beautiful fabrics. It must be spring! Have fun.

  5. Wanda, thank you, I suspected that my email wasn't showing, but when I go to my signature, all my information shows,but I couldn't tell if it did on your end!!! I will do some playing with my settings~ lshenkx4 at yahoo dot com Thanks again~looking forward to the boston commons tute~

  6. I didnt realize i was one of the peeps that did not have their email public. I tried to fix but dont know if i did. My email is theyeie47atbellsouthdotnetThanks

  7. It took me forever to remember my password to send you a note. I hope this time it goes through.I have so enjoyed your photo's of the Indigo Buntings. I told my sister and she was so jealous, because she loves her birds too. None were spotted on the south end of town. What an amazing response to yesterday's give away. I almost swallowed my tongue when I saw how many had responded. And then when I could not access my account to send off a comment. It was even more frustrating. But I think I have got it today.JJM

  8. Thank you for the chance to resubmit comments. I assumed if i used my google acct, you would have my email address. Thanks for the info.Vicki's fabrics are all wonderful! I still can't choose between rocks and woodland. if I win, you guys surprize me!<3 judimystyq at roadrunner dot com

  9. When I post a comment, I sign in using my Typepad Open ID – that is _supposed_ to give you access to my email address. Maybe Google doesn't like the competition? I don't 'do' Google. :)My email is Lindaschiffer at me dot com – easy.:) Linda

  10. I deleted my previous comment and am hoping this one gives my email address… I wish that box would stay checked.In case it doesn't here is my addy:sharronkeck at gmail dot comMy choice is Color Wheel – it's beautiful!!

  11. Oh darn! Thought my e-mail would be included. Sorry about that…I can be reached atgearlady2011 at hotmail dot comMy favorite was the "Moody Blues" grouping. :)Thanks Wanda for letting us know! And I LOVE that umbrella fabric with your blocks!Sue

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