A day of rest…….

I had a very restful day yesterday, grabbing my camera every time I saw the Indigo Buntings in the back yard.  There were 2 this time but never near enough to each other to get them both in a photo.
The squirrels can’t get into this feeder any more.  They used to just flip the top open with their noses so I started chaining it shut.  Now the birds get the whole meal.
These spikes are the green Jack in the Pulpit plants.  I haven’t seen the green/brown one yet.  Dandelions are plentiful as are violets.

18 thoughts on “A day of rest…….

  1. Those birds are blue! I have never seen them before. Saturday night I don't know what my Barr owls were doing, but they were making a heck of a racket outside my bedroom window! Maybe they caught dinner and were excited!

  2. We were watching goldfinches hopping around amongst the dandelions yesterday (you couldn't tell which were the birds until they moved), and suddenly there appeared an indigo bunting. What a beautiful combination — wish I had a photo of the gang 🙂

  3. Those are beautiful birds…..wish we had them. We're seeing purple finch, which are actually colored with red, not purple……and beautiful Goldfinch.How in the world do birds get in there to the food……do they have to squeeze through the grid?

  4. Good for you keeping those squirrels out of the feeding area! It is so exciting to me to see different species of birds. Mr. Muddling saw an American Redstart last Friday at work. I've never seen one of those.

  5. My son lives in Donahue, IA and he sent pictures of about a dozen goldfinches at his feeder. He's so excited to see different birds than we have in the Dallas, TX area. His first time of seeing an indigo bunting was very special to him.

  6. Hi Wanda,I really enjoyed seeing your indigo buntings. I was hoping that a couple would fly my way, but no such luck so far.I spotted my first male rose breasted grosbeak this weekend; maybe you've seen some, too?Love that spiky quilt you're working on.Vicky F

  7. I am jealous that the buntings went to your house instead of mine. lol I haven't been doing much bird watching lately and will have to check to see if they have arrived. The wrens are chirping away as they are building a nest in a bird house close to the kitchen window. My birdfeeder is still working fine. I had a few squirrels jump on it and leave immediately when they realize that they can't get at the food. Buying the squirrel proof feeder was the best money spent.

  8. Indigo Buntings… do you know how rare it is even in Sandwich to attract them ? How I wish I could have seen them when visiting there.And my dear sister had dug up some IL. violets for me to bring back to the mountains. And were waiting for me when we arrived.How I love them also… weeds or not.JJM

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