Fabrics chosen……….

I hope the fabrics I have chosen for the last 6 blocks work out OK since there aren’t any extra papers to piece on in this package.
The Lungwort has exploded to cover a large area since the last photo I posted of 3 plants.  In the background are the Lily of the Valley which I totally dug out and put 8″ of dirt on top of. The remaining roots powered their way through the dirt and the area is just filled with it again.  Lesson learned, don’t plant it where you don’t want it to take over.
The cactus bud which is at an interior joint is just about ready to bloom.  This is the last bud out of all of my cacti.

12 thoughts on “Fabrics chosen……….

  1. Oh yes, those fabrics will do just fine! I have had that same issue with plants as well. You really need to keep on top of them to prevent it and sometimes you just don't have the time.

  2. Such a fabulous group of colors! Love this one, too. Could you not make a few copies of the stitching patterns? I know you mentioned the different sizes…I guess they are also larger size.

  3. I have also realized that this is a drawback of the Judy Niemeyer kits – there are no do-overs! I am not thrilled with one of my fabric choices in the Prairie Star kit I'm doing, but it's too late now!Anyway, you remaining blocks are looking like they will be good. It is nice to see this kit being done in a lot of the Westminster fabrics – I think it's going to be very successful!

  4. The fabrics for the last group of blocks will work fabulously. I can't wait to see this although together!Can you photocopy a few more of the paper patterns just so you're sure you have enough?

  5. You continually amaze me with how much sewing you get done. I love the new zigzag, and understand the problem of it getting predictable. I have trouble making quilts large enough for beds sometimes because I want to stop when I reach the point where I feel finished! Maybe I have achieved the design I wanted or have mixed in enough color, I don't know. I guess for me it's more about the design than the size. 🙂 The PP blocks are so awesome! Now I want to make some!

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