Two thirds done…………

This block goes with the two I showed yesterday and……
here are the 3 I finished last night.  I now have 24 of 36 blocks made.  It will be time to put them up on the design wall soon and decide if I want to change any of the fabrics for the last 12.  I have chosen the strip fabric and it will be here later this week so stay tuned.
I also finished 3 more preemie quilt tops and I don’t know if I can finish them in time to take to sewing circle today but I’ll try.  I still have the pillowcases to press too.  Time to sew….

12 thoughts on “Two thirds done…………

  1. little by little all the blocks get done don't they. Now that I have a machine sitting out all the time I need to get started and have a stack of blocks near by to work on – 5 minutes here and there and something can get done.

  2. I love the way you are doing this sewing 2 or 3 at a time. At 2/3 done, it is a good time to get a feel for what you got going on! Don't know where you find the energy between all the community projects you have going on and life in general?? you are a whirlwind!

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