2 more blocks, gettting there slowly….

I chose the fabric combinations for 6 blocks but only got two of them sewn.  It was a beautiful day so I went out to the back garden and dug out about 40 garlic mustard plants.  They have a long root that looks like a white carrot.  Some plants had a bunch of big roots. They are a noxious weed in this area and totally take over the garden space. I didn’t get them dug out last year because of the heat and drought. The hostas are not up yet so I had to take my chances on not cutting into any of them while digging.
I finished the Old Maid’s Puzzle dishcloth.  I have one mistake on the right side border.  I’m sure the dishes won’t mind that I didn’t rip back and fix it.
I’m still working on the Grandmother’s Dream/Boston Commons tutorial.  I need to keep working on preemie things for a couple days so maybe by Wednesday I will be ready to post it.

11 thoughts on “2 more blocks, gettting there slowly….

  1. We have garlic mustard here in Maryland. In fact, one organization previously held a garlic mustard challenge and gave prices to the groups who pulled the most garlic mustard in the state park. They would pull hundreds of pounds. Good luck to you in controlling it. Sue

  2. Pretty blocks : )Nice dishcloth pattern. Nice color, too. I'm working on a red, white and blue strip yarn dishcloth. The yarn has a different feel, rough. It's Sugan'n Creme.

  3. The blocks are awesome. I can't imagine how these blocks are put together, but am anxiously awaiting to see.I have never heard of garlic mustard. Is this some kind of weed?

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