Preparing for Monday……

It is time to get organized for church sewing circle again.  Since there are 5 Mondays this month we changed from the 4th to the 5th Monday.  It was nice to have 3 weeks instead of 2 between dates.  I finished 5 little quilts.  The tops were done so I just had to layer and quilt them and then serge around the edges.
We are going to discontinue making pillowcases for the domestic abuse shelter after the next delivery.  Our circle is very small, 5-7 people most Mondays.  Actually the church membership is small too, about 95.  We are a little country church.  There are only 2-3 of us that sew, the rest knit and hand sew labels.  I think we will have about 50 pillowcases to deliver.  I matched up pieces and parts for 11 and we have a big pile at the church waiting to be finished.  I will press these today so they are ready to go.
I finished the other 2 blocks to go with the one I showed last night.  I counted finished blocks and I have 18 so I’m at the half way point.  I checked the pattern and I need 1-3/4 yards of the black fabric so I need to keep looking through my stash.  I may have to end up with solid black.  I usually only have a yard of most fabrics, sometimes only a half yard but I have a bolt of solid black.
I just finished watching “Murder in Suburbia” on Netflix.  It is a British show with the same actress that played Louisa on Doc Martin as one of the detectives.  There were just 2 seasons of it.  There are quite a few more British series to watch so I’ll choose a new one tonight.

12 thoughts on “Preparing for Monday……

  1. That is going to be another gorgeous quilt ! Youare like a machine turning out all of those projects. lfinally got started on my x and plus quilt, haveabout 10 blocks made.

  2. If I lived closer, I would join your group- I sew alone and it would make sewing chemo quilts go quicker for me I am sure. I would sew pillowcases if I had the fabric. My daughter is named for a British series character- Ria from Butterflies. She is now 26 and her wedding is in one week. Beautiful work for those in need.

  3. With such a small group, you have done a lot of projects. For sume reason I thought it was a larger group.Have you finished all the seasons of Doc Martin? I need to add Murder in Suburbia to my Netflix queue

  4. Love the little flannel blankets. I have watched almost every British mystery they have made-just love them. Midsommers Murders, Frost, are 2 favorites if you haven't seen them. Detective Lynley is DVD's on Netflix-the books were a little racy so I stopped reading them but the series was a BBC prod. and it was wonderful.

  5. I would recommend Midsomer Murders, and the Detective Lynley series too. DCI Banks is another BBC series (based on books by Peter Robinson). Not available on Netflix, but I highly recommend the books. Love the new blocks, can't wait to see what you come up with.

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