6 blocks…….

I had a goal of 6 blocks while I watched 3 TV shows and then the news last night.

 I haven’t looked for a strip fabric yet.  I finished reading my book and worked awhile in the basement instead.

This cactus has produced a bud back at a joint instead of at the end where all of the others have had their blooms.  This plant is a piece from my mother-in-law’s plant given to me by my sister in law.  My other one got root rot one of those wet summers and it died before I could get a cutting off of it so I was really happy to have it replaced with this one.
A couple of ‘no reply’ bloggers have asked about patterns for the dishcloths.  I’m not intending to put them on my blog.  Some are purchased patterns, some shared by friends.  I have an email link in my profile and another on my right side bar so if you don’t have a link for me to reply to you in your comment, please email me if you want an answer.

14 thoughts on “6 blocks…….

  1. I have just been looking back through your blogs . I'm so sorry about your flooding , perhaps you have dried out now . I like your new blocks . I still cannot get sewing after my Easter holiday. I might have done if gardening didn't need to be done . Ah well ! tomorrow is another day.

  2. Blocks are lovely but I want to know how you take care of your zygocactus. Mine need to be rejuvenated. The main is old and thick and ugly.Thanks.

  3. Wow…these are looking so good! Truly love your color selections. do you feel there is a lot of waste with this pattern? That has been the hold up for me even trying the version I have.

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