Spitting snowflakes…….

The first blooms in my garden – Lungwort or Pulmonaria.  We went from 60 degrees on Thursday to 37 degrees with spitting snow yesterday.  One of the airports in Chicago reported measurable snow last night.  Of course it was only a couple tenths of an inch, nothing like some of the northern states got.  It was really cold and very windy so I took this photo from my kitchen window with the zoom lens.
I didn’t get any sewing done yesterday but I did finish one of the 4 dishcloths that I am knitting.  I wasn’t sure I would like the striped yarn on the diagonal but it looks OK.  I flipped the 5′ x 8′ area rugs a few times to finish drying them in the basement.  After hearing about all of the standing water in other basements I know how lucky I was to only have big puddles in my basement.  In the 40 years I have lived here I have never had more than trickling in rainwater along some of the walls if we had 6″ or more of rain in a 2 day period.  This time the window wells filled and leaked in.  It would have been worse if my area rugs hadn’t acted like wicks and absorbed a lot of the water.  I only had 3 cardboard boxes down there and everything else was in plastic bins so the fabric was safe.  Today I’m hoping to sew.

17 thoughts on “Spitting snowflakes…….

  1. I like your dish cloth, have you used one yet? I'm glad you didn't have a lot of damage, area rugs can be replaced! I was concerned when I saw the sink holes, that's a frightening thing.

  2. I did get to Michaels for the sale on the yarn. My friend went for me and picked me up 10 skeins. I made a huge stack of dishcloths and gave away half of they already. The yarn is gone so onto other projects like sewing., It is really cold this morning. Will Spring ever stay long enough for us to enjoy it?

  3. my daughter in WI said they had snow off and on all day too. when will winter end this year I'm know you all in the north have had it much worse than us – but yesterday here it was sweatshirts and heat on in the house – I rarely have the heat on this late in April.

  4. Gosh, that rain that you've all been getting is really something else. Wouldn't it be nice if you could share it with someone else! Glad your fabrics are safe. Ruining your stash would be an enormous loss!

  5. My plastic bins of fabric were floating in my basement – but the fabric is all safe! Only about 4 inches, first time in our house (28 years), pretty clean water, only big loss was the water heater. We are fortunate!

  6. I also got a few skeins of the yarn and started making the dishcloths. I had never made them before and didn't know they were so easy! I'm going to make lots and give to my DILs for their birthdays, etc. along with dishtowels and potholders that I'm making for them. They are fun to make!

  7. What if you modified the pattern and did not slant the joining piece? If you sewed a straight joining piece, I don't think it would affect the design and you would be able to play with the placement. (Just thinking out load. . . )Glad to hear you are safe from the rains. Have a good day!

  8. Been worried about you. Saw the sink hole on the news. Love the dishcloth. Bought a ball of that color while it was on sale. Very excited about this pattern.

  9. I am also working on my plan for stepping stones. Yours is very nice. The cover on the quilt pattern is not very attractive. I saw Jackie Kunkels done in Kaffe Fassett fabric and it is stunning. I too am not sure about the sashing fabric. I am doing mine in thirties fabric and I may do the sashing in a solid thirties like yellow, pink, blue or white.Can you share the pattern for the dish cloth? It is darling. I am going to follow your blog.Vicky in MA

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