It was a fun day yesterday with the art quilters here.  The rain held off until after they left although they may have gotten caught in it on the way back home to Chicago.  Last evening I started cutting 2.5″ squares for our QOV project for the sew in at the quilt shop in Yorkville (IL) today.  I got 909 squares cut with my die cutter.  I was quite tired after standing on the cement floor all day and then again in the evening.  I need to make a cushioned pathway between my ironing table and the die cutter for my marathon cutting.  Speaking of marathons, what a horrible event that was at the Boston marathon.  I can’t even imagine the terror the people witnessing it experienced.

7 thoughts on “Preparing……

  1. Looks like you were busy. At the big box lumberyard stores they have interlocking sections of floor mats you can buy. Maybe that would help. The Boston marathon was a horrible incident. Chris

  2. When I was younger they used to make area rugs that were cushioned. They were so you wouldn't have sore legs and feet if you had to stand a long time. I haven't seen them in years but I sure would like one for when I have to stand a long time. I have a harder time standing since my surgery awhile back but that is because of being bedridden for a month and losing my muscle in my upper leg. It never came back all the way even with therapy. I would love to have a rug like that. Yes, terrible what happened in Boston and how scary for all of them. I congradulate the responders for being so fast to help.

  3. How nice to have a Studio cutter when you need to crank out so many pieces! I've seen some cushioned mats at Home Depot – bought some to put on my kitchen floor.And yes, the events in Boston were horrible and incomprehensible.

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