Which photo?……..

To represent yesterdays activities I didn’t know whether I should take a photo of the vacuum cleaner or the tax return.  I didn’t think either would be very interesting so instead I’ll show what I took along to sew when I got together with friends on Thursday.  I started these before my mother passed away almost 4 years ago.  Maybe in another 4 years I’ll have enough of them to make something.  I think I got about 10 of them done in 2 hours so it is bound to be a small project whenever I get around to it.

11 thoughts on “Which photo?……..

  1. You know, I think yo you may have been close to one of the very first things I sewed. They are fun and relaxing. My cousin had one of those funny dolls made by stringing them all together for arms and legs and adding a stuffed head and I was completely taken with it,

  2. I made a queen size quilt with yo-yos. I made it in colors of my bedroom. I love it. I also used some as garland at Christmas. I like making them once in a while as you don't really have to concentrate that much on what you are doing. A great past-time while watching tv. I love the varying sizes of yours and maybe will do another project some day with the assorted sizes.

  3. In my poorer days when I had lots of Christmas fabric and not much money I made a million billion small ones of those and strung them together to make little wreaths as Christmas ornaments. I still haven't recovered and don't think I could stand to make any for awhile yet!

  4. I have a dear friend who makes yo-yo's and took them with us on a trip to Germany. Everyone we met enjoyed watching her sew these little decorative circles. My take-along project is hexies, but have yet to finish even so much as a table runner.

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