First one on the design wall…

I got the 4 quarters of one done last night.  In the pattern she has 2 center squares and I wanted the traditional one square so I left off 2 strips on the 4th quarter.  For the elongated version I need to have those 2 strips in there.  I’m not sure which will be the elongated Boston Commons version, the purple center or the magenta center.  I’ll know when I get the other 4 quarters sewn.
I sold one of my embroidery machines and I gave the buyers the cabinet it was sitting on.  That gives me a lot more room in my main floor studio so I started moving the furniture around.  I have been looking for this pattern ever since I was working on the other paper piecing projects.  I noticed a pile of books and papers on one shelf of the cutting table and there it was!  It takes 2.5″ strips and I have several hundred of them cut so I can start this one when I finish the current project.
We had thunderstorms last night at 10:30 and still 60 degrees at that hour.  It was so windy all day that I knew raking wasn’t a good idea.  I ended up reading and knitting and sewing.

13 thoughts on “First one on the design wall…

  1. Wanda, ok, I get the cut strips and laying them staggered to achieve the affect. But how do you sew them to get them to line up, each seam? I made a heart bargello from the Heart Bargello book (You can have it) with 12 batiks and made into a tube, then cut. I am quilting it now. The biggest frustration was lining up all the seams and I don't know if I would do it again due to my failure to be able to be precise with lining up. Your colors are scrumptious!Linda

  2. The quilt has such beautiful colors. I am sure that it is even more beautiful in real life. The storm last night was neat and short lived. Spring is here!!

  3. You know I am an "arm chair" quilter, and I don't mean hand quilting (*._,*). So to see the outcome of your strata's just makes me smile. Today's post is full of spring colors of violets, daffodils, and tulips. I have always loved the precision I see in your creations.And now that you found you 'water fall' book, more excitement ahead.JJM

  4. Love the glow that both of the quilts have! In one of the posts you talk about not ironing the stratas the way it's indicated in the pattern. How did you iron them and did you press the seams to the side or open? Thanks for the explanation on the sewing of the seams and a tutorial would be great:)LauraT

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