Another diversion……..

I did get 2 stratas sewn yesterday but I have another diversion that I am hooked on.  I love to knit dishcloths.  I know we can use some for one of the church service projects for Christmas.  I love the color in the bottom ones, Gumdrop, no longer available.  I wish I had purchased more of it.  The one at the top is a really tight knitted pattern that won’t get hooked on the forks like the bottom ones do.
I knitted this zig zag patterned dishcloth a couple weeks ago.  I had never used the striped yarn before.  Today I must finish the 5th strata and do the cross cuts and then the fun begins.

19 thoughts on “Another diversion……..

  1. I need some new ones knitted. Thinking about getting some yarn. I got some lighter weight cotton yarn more like sport yarn and knitted several long time ago. They are still kicking around.Have fun with your diversion. Chris

  2. I love the Gumdrop yarn! I've caught the knitting bug. I love to knit dishcloths. One could say that I'm addicted. Thank you for showing pictures of some that you have made.Enjoying watching you sew strata batiks!!

  3. Gumdrop was one of my favorite colors too. I have a small stash of it that I am now very selective about using. Very disappointed that most of the old Peaches & Creme colors were discontinued. Anyway, your dishcloths are great! I don't know how to knit, but I do have an obsession with crocheting dishcloths. It's a nice change from quilting and very portable 🙂 I even made an afghan from some of my dishcloths lol

  4. Glad to see the dishcloths! I have a girlfriend who makes fun of mine! But I have other friends who LOVE them. I don't like to sit with empty hands in front of TV or riding in a car.

  5. Love the knitted dish cloths. I started out with knitting them but then started crocheting them and like that much better and it is faster. I give them out as gifts all the time. My friends like them on the small size so I can make a bunch in an evening. This is a great thing to do and watch tv. Happy knitting.

  6. Great dishcloths, Wanda, great color. Can't say I love knitting them, but I love using them so occasionally I have to get out the knitting needles. I also knit mine on the diagonal but yours seem to have a wider border which I like. Would you share your pattern?Don't read blogs everyday anymore. How is your eye?Jevne

  7. Your dish clothes are so pretty, I too love to knit them. Coats and Clarks, Sugar 'n Spice ? I will show them to my sister, she is like you knitting the intricate patterns, I am always in a hurry and just plain knit. With spring here, I have been doing my garden clean up and missed checking in the past couple days. You should be getting our warm weather soon.JJM

  8. I've just discovered how good these dishcloths are! Mum gave me a crotcheted one for Christmas and I haven't looked back. I love that green too.

  9. I'm so jealous of you – not only are you an expert quilter but you can knit! I'm a beginner quilter. I have tried to learn to knit so many times, but just can't do it. I can crochet just fine. Your projects are gorgeous.

  10. Gumdrop! I love it! Wish I'd even known about it and then bought up all i could find. Rats. I love making these, too, and have just started one for a friend. Love your zig zaggy one.

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