You might have already figured out that the fabrics I showed yesterday would be sewn in a strata.  I sewed 2 of them last night and have 3 to go.  This will create 2 quilts at the same time.  More tomorrow……..
I’m not getting as much sewing done because I am back to reading.  I walked to the library yesterday to renew one and pick up the next in line.  The grocery store, post office and library are all within 8 blocks from my house.  I can’t get motivated to walk without a destination so as long as I keep reading, the library can be one of my destinations.

12 thoughts on “Progress………..

  1. We worked on taking out a bush yesterday. It was a day to be outside. I plan on trying to wash my picture window today so I can be outside. Love the strata sewing. Looks like your keeping busy. Chris

  2. And as long as Sara Paretsky keeps writing books…. love 'em. Great that you do walk — we all would be better off if we walked with purpose each day.

  3. When I saw your fabrics yesterday, I thought berry colors…..from blueberries to strawberries. Love them all and I am watching with interest on your progress.

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