March finishes…….

I did very little sewing yesterday.  Since I wanted to show March finishes I knew I had to sew the border on this one.  I chose the mottled fabric rather than the stripe batik and made the border narrower than I showed when I was auditioning the 2 fabrics.  I made all of the blocks and sewed the top together in 10 days and then it took 3 weeks to finalize my decision on the border.

I only ended up with 2 quilts totally finished in March, both flannel quilts.

These 3 tops were completed and all were started in February or March.  The flannel quilt on the left just needed the paper pieced border in March.  The center one was made from start to finish in March and the one on the right was started in Feb. and finished in March.  That makes 12 finishes for the first quarter of 2013.  If I could keep up that pace I would have all of my tops quilted by the end of the year.  That is if I can keep the ‘starts’ under control………


22 thoughts on “March finishes…….

  1. Well, I think the number of quilts you finish is amazing.The background on the first one is perfect! It seems to give a 3 dimensional effect making the blocks pop forward.

  2. I love them all. I see that you have no spare time on your hands. LOL You are such a busy lady. What are you doing with all those quilts? Are you selling them? It may be cold out today but the sun is shining. Daffodils are coming up, spring is here!!!

  3. Oh, so nice. We are in SC but not sure we will get to Charlotte for your show. Too much happening here at our daughter's – yet you are on my mind lots. Glad to see these jewels, really love the batiks!

  4. That's the problem: those starts just keep happening! I like that first frame, good choice for the border. It doesn't call attention to itself, but to the main course. I really like all of these. You're accomplishing quite a lot!

  5. You can keep the starts under control….. as you are getting all these finished quilts….and far less quilt at what is NOT finished… keep at it….

  6. Having a narrower border and using the mottled fabric was a good choice. When you auditioned the border fabrics, the wide border was competing for too much attention. The way you did it kept it all colorful but in great proportion. (I understand what starting a quilt means, but I am somewhat confused on the concept of finishing a quilt. Maybe in the future it will all become clear to me.)deb

  7. Whenever you post your finished quiltsIt's like visiting with close friends—– because you've introduced them piece by pieceEach little characteristEach moodBest featuresQuestionable featuresHow they combine to reveal an individual personalityAll bound together Making up this newly made friendHugs

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