Happy Easter!…..

The Easter bunny turned his back on me when I tried to take his photo.  Maybe he wasn’t happy that a squirrel was in the picture too.
The X and + quilt top is sewn together and will wait its turn for quilting.  I’m not going to add a border, just a dark binding, either purple, green or deep red.  It will depend on what I put on the back.  It took me exactly 2 weeks from starting to cut to a finished quilt top on this one.
I have had a couple crows stopping in my backyard all week.  First they feed on the seeds on the ground and then they gather nesting materials and fly away.  They are so huge compared to the sparrows and cardinals.


24 thoughts on “Happy Easter!…..

  1. Two weeks is record time, I would say. It would take me 2 years plus, plus. I was sewing along with you in spirit as you shared your progress, these past two weeks. Love it !Wishing you a lovely Easter Day.JJM

  2. Your quilts are magnificent. I wish I would have started this addictive hobby of mine years and years ago. It is so much fun. Can you please tell me if there is a tutorial or a pattern for Crooked Cobblestones please? I love your second favorite too.

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