It might be the final layout……..

I thought this was going to be my final layout all day as I kept peeking at it.  Then last night I saw the photo on the computer monitor and I might have to move one block.  There are 2 very dark X’s in the bottom left corner.  I know that once I move one block I’ll end up having to move others so it might just stay the way it is.  I moved a lot of blocks yesterday morning.  The X’s are alternated light and dark so I can’t just move one block to the side, it has to go diagonally to stay in the same position.  The bottom right corner has 3 darks together because the block I pulled out was a light and I didn’t want to make another block.  I have 2 friends coming over today to sew so I’ll see what they think.
It finally got warm enough to go out for a walk yesterday.  It was 45 degrees and the sun was shining and no wind so it felt warmer than it was.  I walked down to the Hallmark store to get a birthday card and stopped at the post office to mail the card on my way home.

16 thoughts on “It might be the final layout……..

  1. I looked and where you have the ardker blocks I can see it,but changingnit might be harder to come uo aith a plan. I go through this all the time. They do look great. Glad you got outsome we did to. Chris

  2. You know I think it's pretty well balanced overall. I can pick them out as you've noted them but otherwise I wouldn't have. They don't jump out. I think it looks good!

  3. it's nice to get out and take a walk isn't it! I hate walking when it is cold outside as my muscles tense too much and then I ache.I see what you mean about the 2 blocks in the corner, and yes when you move one you end up moving more I always do that too. Love these blocks.

  4. What colorful fun this one! How nice to take a walk. I enjoy my little *walks* around my yard while its still cool enough. Here comes summer and you know what that means for us MS'ers —> indoors with a/c or fade to black. Hee!

  5. Like… oh yeah, this isn't Facebook is it? But this looks good, I don't see the darkness you mention. And you are so right, move one block and suddenly a new problme appears!

  6. If you wouldn't have pointed it out I would have never noticed the blocks you were talking about. I love the way it is turning out. Lucky you to be able to walk in the sun. I spent my morning at the hospital having more tests. I would have rather been walking in the sun.

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