In reverse order……..

I’ll start out with what I did at night and then follow up with the afternoon sewing.  Five blocks made last night.  I had chosen the combinations the day before right after cutting a bunch of new pieces.
I didn’t mix them in this time.  I just lined them up on the right hand side of the other 20 blocks.  I’ll wait for the last 5 before I choose their final position in the quilt.
Yesterday afternoon I sewed neckbands on the 10 medium and large preemie gowns that were sewn at sewing circle 2 weeks ago.  I also cut out and constructed 6 of the extra small size gowns.
I also pieced the tops of 3 more little preemie quilts.  I didn’t take time to press them yet.  I’ll do that when I press the backings for them.
We were on the northern edge of the snow storm yesterday.  We just got enough to cover the ground.  It was above freezing so it melted off the streets and sidewalks.


15 thoughts on “In reverse order……..

  1. I hopped over here because I saw a photo of your x/+ blocks… I just love those and have been so drawn to them… I might have to make one now! But then I was your afternoon sewing. I had not even thought of premie gowns and blankets. My nephew's baby was born on Friday, two months early. I am so glad I saw your post… because I would have never thought of a gown. Do you have a suggestion on how I could sew gowns for him and size of the blanket you think is best???

  2. X & + is exploding with YOUR EXUBERANT COLORful fabrics. This going to be a wonderful dramatic piece.And you had time for your preemie sets yet. Always sweet fabrics.I am so jealous whenever I see your beautiful red cardinals. Wonder why we don't have them here in the mountains ? We have an occasional Blue Stellar Jay at my feeders and the mountain blue birds have come back but only to the higher elevations.JJM

  3. We have the snow cover in Ohio today too. I love your latest x and + blocks. You never cease to amaze me with the color and pattern combinations! You are a true artist, Wanda. Thanks for sharing your creations for us to enjoy.

  4. Wanda, you've (along with so many of the examples I found upon googling this block)inspired me to start my own one of these x and + quilts, but I wonder if you'd mind telling me how you are pressing your seams? I love for seams to oppose each other, but that seems to limit which way I can turn the finished blocks when I'm doing a layout. I've never used open seams, because I was a handquilter, and it just didn't work well for me.

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