this is more like it……..

These are perfect blocks to work on while I watch TV.  I have 3 hours of programs to watch on Tuesday nights so I did some cutting during the first show and sewed 4 blocks during the other 2 shows.  Most of the quilts that I have seen on the internet have had 4 different prints in the large squares that make the X.  I have used matched squares so far but used scrappy in the batik ones that I made first.  I will start doing some scrappy ones next.
I have been digging through some older fabrics and pulled out this funky one.  I think I showed it before when I used it in another quilt a few years ago and some other readers said they had it in different colorways.
A couple readers asked about the yarn that I showed yesterday.  It is not yarn but perle cotton.  I pulled out my remaining selection of Laura hand dyed threads” that I have purchased over the years.  One day when she was visiting my house she noticed I had it pinned up on the edge of my design wall and she identified a couple of ‘retired’ colors.  I have used some skeins of it already and just enjoy looking at the rest.  I’ll do my best to use some of it this year.
Yesterday I went to a QOV sew-in closer to home at our newest quilt shop in the area.  I forgot one of my rulers so I’ll have to go back and shop there next week when I pick it up.

14 thoughts on “this is more like it……..

  1. Thanks for enabling – I've just sent an order to Artfabrik. I was able to resist yesterday, barely, but today's sent me over the edge. I can't wait to get my box of multi-colored wonderfulness!I really enjoy reading your blog; your work is so very inspirational to me.

  2. Oh my Wanda ~ these blocks are so much fun to look at, there is a 'rhythm' like none other, to this piece. Laura's threads are gorgeous, I can see that they are perfect for making the thread necklaces that are so popular today.JJM

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