I had to just have a little no stress fun yesterday on International Quilting Day (a/k/a National quilting day).  I still had some logs left after making the last log cabin quilt so I made 4 blocks.  Maybe I’ll make 4 mug rugs out of them.
There was a pile of batik 4.5″ long logs left too so I made 2 mug rug tops.  They aren’t what I would call pretty, just using what was left in the pile.  I will probably use these myself, one on the main level and one in the basement.
My main task yesterday was finding backings and piecing a couple of them.  This is the one I will use on the Streak of Lightning quilt.
I found this 6 yard piece of flannel yesterday so I’ll use it for the Rattlesnake quilt instead of the piece I found yesterday.  I pieced the backings for the other 2 flannel quilts.  I need to press them and cut batting next.
I tried to get a photo of this bunny with the flock of sparrows all eating together but by the time I got the zoom lens to the right spot the birds flew away.  The bunnies don’t usually come until after dark when they set off my motion sensor lights on the back of the house.

21 thoughts on “Miscellaneous…………

  1. You did great capturing that bunny on your camera – love it! Look how he blends in with his background. Glad to you enjoyed "International Quilting Day." I had a fun day quilting with QBee's yesterday.

  2. Finished three projects yesterday. Best day in months.Many more to go.You know how much I love your colors, you inspire me to get movingHappy St Patrick's Day!Hugs

  3. I get so far behind on reading blogs, but I can see you have been a busy bee, like usual! Love the paper piecing you have been doing. I have the Rattlesnake too…got it out a couple of years ago, made 2 blocks and never did get back to it. Maybe I can put it on the summer to-do list!

  4. I am catching up on some of the blog reading and naturally yours is one of my favorites. I don't think the weather is cooperating with springtime. I have to go out for a scan today and it is supposed to be miserable outside. I was happy to hear that the treatment on your eye is work. What great news.

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