Preemie project sewing…….

When I looked at my list of cutting I needed to do for the preemie layettes, the only required items were 2 gowns and 1 blanket to fill in to finish 3 layettes.  I decided that instead of cutting more gowns now that I would unearth all of the bags of scraps left from our cutting and cut squares for the little quilts.  They are actually just 2 layers, the pieced top and a flannel back.  I finish the edges with the serger just like we do all of the other items.  A flannel binding would be bulky and make the edge stiff so this way they are nice and soft like a blanket.
I finished the 3 above and then sewed 4 more tops while I watched TV.  I have 2 more sets of squares chosen so maybe I can get 2 more tops done before I leave after lunch for sewing circle.  I’m hoping I can get at least 2 more of them quilted too before lunch.  Daylight savings time didn’t affect me yesterday because it rained all day and fog started rolling in late in the afternoon so it was darker than normal.  We need the moisture in the soil for planting season so I’m happy for the rain.


7 thoughts on “Preemie project sewing…….

  1. Great idea for the newborn babies' blanketsMy flannel stash has darker colors and prints. Probably good for an older boy. Hmmmm . . . .We rec'd ~1.25" Friday nite/last nite. Snow is all but gone -just a few small piles. Farmers are no doubt lovin' this moisture.Hugs

  2. I am catching up reading your posts from the weekend and you have been busy! It is a good feeling to get some of those old projects back in progress and get them on the road to be completed. I really like making flannel quilts and yours are great!

  3. Nice soft 'easter egg colors' for those tiny babies. I'm sure the hospital always looks forward to your gift bundles you supply them with. And I know the Mother's so appreciate those tiny gowns and blankets to wrap their babies in. Verbal hugs to all of you ladies. JJM

  4. Your preemie quilts always look so soft and pretty. I hadn't realized that a flannel binding would be bulky. For those of us without sergers, what would you suggest doing to keep a soft binding?

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