No decisions……..

I can make a lot of decisions fairly easily in the beginning and during a project, but when I get near the end the decisions are harder.  I looked at my border choices several times yesterday but didn’t make a decision yet.  Instead I turned to reading my “Bones” book and triangle diversion.
There are 77 triangle squares in this pile with the seams fingernail pressed open.  I’ll turn on the iron today.
As for the borders: on a multicolor quilt I rarely put on a border of mostly one color (or a plain color) because it will then draw your eye to the few pieces of the same color in the center of the quilt.  For a couple people who questioned if it needed a border, I think it needs to be contained by either a wide binding or a border.  I am not opposed to putting on a 1″ binding as a design statement.  The next consideration is the quilting in the border.  I love patterned fabric and piecing and want them to shine as the stars of the quilt.  The quilting in my opinion should just blend into the fabrics and not be the first thing you see when you look at my quilts.  Therefore I like busier prints for the borders.  These are some of the reasons choosing the borders take me so long.

11 thoughts on “No decisions……..

  1. You are so logical in your choices and decisions. So much more thought out than "Because that's the one that looks best!" You ARE the expert!

  2. I hate making those final border decisions. I just had a look at your choices. You seem to always choose just the right one though.I think I changed my mind and might like the stripe running all in the same direction. I'd never decide!

  3. Thanks for sharing your process. Most of the quilts I have made have been from one fabric line so the border decision was not hard. Either that or I don't have a border on my more modern quilts.

  4. I hope those 36 commenters return today and read your explanation for borders. I agree with 'Kathy' above, you are the expert and can see way beyond what we see on our screens.JJM

  5. After a second look this morning, imho, the first multicolor batik seems to make the center pop, whereas the stripy one mimics the spikes in the top and conflicts. This is only how I see it, whereas "being there" could make a difference. Your choice will be the right one!

  6. How do you do the "1 inch binding as a design statement"? Do you actually bind one inch in or do you cut the backing and batting one inch wider and bind the top at a quarter inch?

  7. I saw so many quilts in the last two days that sis not have a focal point! It was strange to see bright blue and bright yellow solid borders that I can not remember what the quilt looked like! Nan

  8. I agree about decisions. I can make them quickly before and during, also. I also find it hard to choose a border, and I feel i sometimes make errors in that part of the quilt. Thanks for sharing your ideas. You have such gorgeous fabrics on hand! Plus, I can't believe how fast you are. Once you put your mind to a project, it's done! Whirling dervish!

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