A couple choices………..

I had a few batiks in mind to try for borders, but first I had to get my hair cut and then run a couple hours worth of errands.  I went to the shelf of multicolor batiks and this is the first one I spied that I knew I would try.
This is the one I was looking for when I found the one in the above photo.  The colors change a lot so the borders would have different colors in them.
Next I found the piece on the bottom but I don’t think I like that one. Then the question came into my mind, do I run the stripe in all the same direction so the borders will actually be cut 2 different directions from the fabric, 2 on the lengthwise grain and 2 on the crosswise grain?  So……I have procrastinated one whole day in getting borders cut and sewn on.  There are lots more options in my extensive batik stash so maybe today I’ll get serious about it.

36 thoughts on “A couple choices………..

  1. The second one speaks to me, but my first question, from the time you started this quilt, is: Does this really need a border? Really? Maybe not…just a thought!

  2. I love number 2 and think it compliments the design. I would let the strips go both directions–cut just like your #2 example, maybe miter the corners.

  3. The first one is perfect. It frames the composition but doesn't overpower it. Those striped batiks are so beautiful, I think that they almost need to be the focal in their very own quilt.

  4. Why is it so much easier to chose borders for everyone's quilts but my own? :)Anyway – how about a pieced border? I wondered what the pattern suggested, so I scrolled back to see it – I do like that, and you could use your batik #1 for the frame and scraps for the piecing – we all know you have batik scraps!

  5. I'm with Gene and others – the first one frames the quilt but doesn't compete for attention. But of course, you didn't really ask our opinions! I'm sure that whatever you do will be beautiful.Kathi

  6. I am having that same problem. I had a plan but somehow I am not "excited" about what I am seeing in real life. So I am stalled. Good thing I have several BOMs to provide me with a distraction until my brain catches up.

  7. One and two will work fine , but I'm liking the second one best. It seems to pull all the many colors in the piece. I know whatever you choose will be the best for this piece since you are so good at this.

  8. Ooh, I definitely prefer the last batik…..and I think that I would run the stripes the length of the border, although if the fabric isn't as wide as the quilt is long, it would not work out unless you have enough repeats AND it would look okay seamed.

  9. Not that you need my vote, but I like the second one best. It really emphasizes the points in your design. And I would cut the border on the straight of grain for all four sides (i.e., not selvage to selvage for the top and bottom, and straight of grain for the two sides).Whatever you pick, though, it will look fabulous.

  10. I have to add my 2 cents worth too! 🙂 I vote for the second one and think it would look great if you had all the borders with the stripes radiating out from the center. It just draws your eye inward and then the stars draw it out again. It's gonna be gorgeous no matter what you do!

  11. Hi Wanda,The consensus between my husband and I is the quilt top has plenty of excitement going on and the border options shown compete for attention.Have you tried the look of just a simple black binding? Or I would favor a red border, using something similar to the red batik in the yellow/red spiky square.Vicky F

  12. OMGosh this quilt is beautiful. I just love the first one and have always wanted to do a quilt such as this….but way out of my pocket range right now…Oh you did such a lovely job and I just wanted you to know it is gorgeous.

  13. I am late checking in today. I don't often voice an opinion, but I sure prefer number one. We all see colors so differently. I know you will end up with the best.JJM

  14. Wanda, (I did my comment wrong first time, don't think it showed up, hope it doesn't show up twice…)I think the two borders are too bright, too loud, too heavy. You put so much work and detail into the quilt, the borders would compete for attention.Perhaps if you used the top or first border choice but only about an inch wide and then something else more toned down, it would frame it nicely, but not compete for attention.Or, I'm wondering if a very dark border would just make the whole quilt pop out and be the main focal point.Hope this helps.deb

  15. Here's my vote. I like the second one the best and maybe the idea of having all four running perpendicular to the corresponding side as you suggested.

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