Final layout sewn together…….

I moved a few blocks around and said “good enough” and sewed the top together.  I couldn’t motivate myself to choose a border.  This is where I am stuck on about 12 quilt tops right now.  Borders are fun to choose, that is when the right fabric shows up.  Sewing them on, not too exciting.  I need to make it a priority to get borders sewn onto at least 4 quilts this week.

Rain predicted for Saturday night.  What a difference in just a few days. 


26 thoughts on “Final layout sewn together…….

  1. This is gorgeous! and I am the same way with borders. I have a bag of tops, I think 6, that need borders. It is one of my goals this month to get 3 of them bordered and ready for quilting.

  2. Others said the word that came to mind, but it can be repeated – stunning! I now have a pattern for one like this (Montana Cartwheel) and have it on the to-do pile.

  3. Love it! This is beautiful! I agree that the borders aren't the most fun. I need to choose a binding for my "Easy Street" quilt. That's not my favorite part, either.

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