A little fun……

I needed a new calming project to start while I work on the border for the Rattlesnake quilt.  This pattern calls for 18 fabrics which are repeated.  Why would you do that when you could have 72 different fabrics in the quilt?  You know how much I love variety in my fabric choices.  I have started out with pieces from my scrap boxes and will work my way into pieces of yardage on the shelves.  I doubt that I will use the layout on the pattern or the border they show.
I took another photo of the mini zig zag quilt with the light from the west window coming across the quilt.  This shows the randomness of the spacing of the quilting lines.  This is how I want to quilt the large Streak of Lightning so I will get it basted and take my time on the quilting.

23 thoughts on “A little fun……

  1. Love the zig zag…. and I love how the quilting is randomly spaced. I like your idea of using all different fabrics in the first quilt. The scrappier, the better! 🙂

  2. Love the randomly spaced straight line quilting on mini zig zag. I love a large variety of fabrics in quilts. Guess that's why I'm drawn to scraps and scrappy quilts. Why use only 18 fabrics in a quilt when you can use more.

  3. I love that gorgeous spiky circle design! Can't wait to see it come to life with all the colours you'll incorporate into it!The quilting on the zig-zag quilt is the perfect choice.

  4. Love your zigzag… and have a Karen Stone on my to-do list also. You are my hero, and if not before, that word "calming" did it!I'm on blogger too, and they have my blogs spam filtered. Rarely does anything slip through. Is that an option? I don't know why it happened, they just did it.hugs and be calm…!

  5. Yah right a calming project… All those points and curves… you are too much and I mean that in the most envious, flattering way.Your photo captured your 'Streak of Lightning' perfectly. It is absolutely stunning. Simple Elegance in every way. JJM

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