Not the fun part……

I wasn’t looking forward to sewing the cross seams on this quilt top.  Where 4 of the melon shapes come together, the bulk is unbelievable.  I did trim some corners diagonally but it was still a lot of layers at one spot.  I have mismatches but they are going to stay.
Last night I needed to watch more of Doc Martin on Netflix.  It is my Saturday night date.  I watched 5 episodes while I quilted this little zig zag piece.  I’m up to Series 5 Episode 4 now.
I’m doing randomly spaced parallel lines again on this zig zag.  I’m ready to choose a binding today.
My niece spotted this hawk sitting in my backyard when she and her mom visited yesterday.  Needless to say, there weren’t any birds at the feeders for awhile.


19 thoughts on “Not the fun part……

  1. Intersecting seams can be a pain.We have had a lot of Hawks here also. The Starlings are really bad. We do have Robins in the yard in the last three weeks also.Hopefully that is a good sign. Chris

  2. I'm planning on quilting my zigzag quilt something like that also – love yours. Heavy seams can be bothersome.I haven't watched Doc Martin all week and will probably wait umtil next week, I'm watching Downton Abbey this week – I recorded the whole season and now can watch it one after another – between that one and Gray's Anatomy no time for another

  3. Hi Wanda,Love love both quilts. I especially like your placement of the three different snake blocks! Here's a word of advice from my old tailoring days. Those bulky seams can be flattened into submission by pressing, hard. Use a little water spray, and a dry iron, no steam, to really squash them. Let it really dry, And you could then press it on a hard board, like a maple cutting board, to really get it done. Hope this helps.

  4. When we used to feed the birds we would occasionally notice that the feeders would go quiet. Then we would start a game of "find the hawk". Love the flannel quilt top. I can imagine how bulky those intersections were with flannel fabic.

  5. I just love your rattlesnake quilt. The random crazy pieced parts are great.Every once in a while when my mom was making something tailored, we'd hear pounding from the sewing room. That's when she was flattening her thick seams (as Kitchener Quilter noted). She used a wooden tailoring press to hammer them flat with.That Cooper's hawk is the real "bird feeder"!

  6. As always , love seeing and following you everyday. I would love to see a hawk sitting in my backyard. We see them travelling the roads all the time on power lines. But I've never spotted one in my yard. Thank you.Rondi

  7. I missed your post asking for opinions, but you nailed it. Definitely gives the quilt interest and keeps your eye moving around, that is what I love best about your quilts, they are full of surprises. That's a beauty of a bird, we have a few around here and I've seen the eagles as well the past few weeks.

  8. What mismatches ? ? ? Looks great this side of the screen. You are a Perfectionist for sure. I totally understand with you on the bulk you have to deal with. I felt like a kid looking at your Zig-Zag photo, looks like a fresh box of crayons. So very pretty, love it.Mr. Hawk visits my feeders also. I rescued on poor lil fella from the clutches of his claws, just by opening the door and stepping out on the deck. Scared the puddin' out of the Hawk. (*._,*)JJM

  9. There is so much going on on that quilt that the small mismatched seams will nit show. The zig zag quilt looks good with the random quilting. WE see a hawk around here in the city a lot.

  10. I LOVE your melon project! I really like quilts that are pieced and curved…so interesting. Your little zig zig projects always make me smile…I want to make one with my heart or Halloween fabrics…In stitches,Teresa :o)

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