Finally, 36 blocks…………

I made the last block and sewed the corner pieces onto two of the crazy pieced blocks.  I then hunted for my corner pattern to cut the pieces for the last block.  Remember, I just picked up everything and put it away for my company Monday.  It only took me an hour to find where I had put it.  This layout has the 2 eyes and mouth in the corner OR where I fell apart when I got to the last 3 blocks.
This layout has the 3 blocks placed randomly in the layout.  I haven’t sewn the corners on the last crazy pieced block so I can change them if I decide I need another color.  I can’t decide which I like best so I’ll start on the 2 border strips while I contemplate it.

27 thoughts on “Finally, 36 blocks…………

  1. I agree with Debbie, It makes the eye look for the differences. Don't you just hate it when you can't find what you want and you put it away so you could find it. I stop and try to think like me and that is even more scarry. LOL Chris

  2. This is a new favorite of mine. Despite the name, it's warm and comforting. Love the crazy blocks in there, and like the random placement best. Have fun making the final decisions, Wanda.; )

  3. I agree with the previous commentors, I like the random layout better. I liked this quilt so much, that when I found that I had the book it was in, I took it to enlarge the patterns included. One of these days, I'll start on making one for me. Thanks for sharing.cindy

  4. I vote for RANDOM also. My eye went right to that lower corner first layout. But with the random placement they blend in and give it a true designer look. There is so much to look at in this piece, I love the circles, the soft curved diamond centers in the circles, or could be a four petal flower, the r.snake foot ball shapes do predominate… And LOVE the patches pieces they really give this piece another "Wandaful" design.JJM

  5. Hi Wanda,Been behind reading your blog. I love the rattlesnake quilt and the odd pieces in random spots. This is another one of my favorites.Thanks for sharing!Have a great weekend…..and happy quilting!:)Kay in Kansas deep in snow!!!

  6. I love your rattlesnake blocks and prefer the random placement of the crazy pieced blocks. As far as a name goes, the block reminds me of the Venus fly Trap plant.

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