I only need one more………..

Here is Rosemary smoothing out the final edge of her log cabin quilt.  The blocks are paper pieced and finish about 4.5″.  Since she made some random fabric placement and some dark/light diagonal halves she just put them together in a random placement.  I just love it.  I give her almost all of my scraps so I recognized a lot of the fabrics as we basted.
After we finished basting I got out my boxes of orphan blocks.  These are all batiks.
More batik orphan blocks.
Last night I pieced 3 more blocks.  I haven’t sewn the corners on the crazy pieced blocks yet so the fabric may change.  I will also have to figure out if I want the 3 crazy pieced blocks near each other or scattered randomly.  Actually if I put the third one in the bottom corner it may look like 2 eyes and a mouth.

19 thoughts on “I only need one more………..

  1. Just my opinion, but I think random placement of the crazy pieced blocks would enhance the visual impact. And the red corners were really needed to bring this quilt to life. Love your work!

  2. Rosemary's quilt is beautiful. What a fun time the two of you must have had. I'd have to see it, but I like the idea of randomly placing the crazy pieces too.

  3. Wanda,You make these quilts look like piece of cake. How fast and how efficiently you make them all!Rosemary's quilt looks fabulous. I am anxious to see how you place your crazy pieces.

  4. Rosemary's quilt is beautiful! Awesome blocks. Rattlesnake quilt is coming along, too. Good sense of humor there. The eyes and mouth of teeth in the lower right hand corner makes me grin 😀

  5. Rosemary's quilt is 'star' for the day. What a grand quilt and made with all scraps. And mostly from your left overs. I hope she checks in today to see how many of your followers love her piece. Your 'orphan blocks' are quite intriguing. I know you will come up with a design to use them and they will no longer be orphans. I love your crazy pieced blocks in with the others. They add fun to your rattlesnake.JJM

  6. I was hoping to see the log cabin, it's fabulous. I love the randonness of the block placement. And you are really zipping along with your rattler blocks, fabulous!

  7. Just love the joy in the log cabin colors! Love the orphan blocks! I wish my blocks would look like this, can't get the hang of it- yours are just right! Oh, those wonderful batiks and their colors!Linda

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