A day of progress…………

I am finishing up some sewing at the far end of the basement where I haven’t vacuumed yet.  I sewed the final 2 borders on this Streak of Lightning so now I can baste it and quilt it.
I had hoped to make 3 Rattlesnake blocks but I settled for 2 and some other fun piecing.
The flannel scraps were piling up and I was itching to have some fun with them.
I am so tempted to stick in a block like this.
I had an empty space so I stuck it in the layout with the rest of the blocks.  I am so tempted…..

43 thoughts on “A day of progress…………

  1. I'd be tempted too-I've loved watching your rattlesnake blocks grow you're little scraps blocks are great too-I have a huge jar of little scraps that are starting to yell at me to do something with them.

  2. The composition of Streak is perfecto! I love the border fabric. I have watched your spiky ovals come together with growing envy. I know, I know: "just try 'em."

  3. Toss up. Usually I'm all for the "deliberate departure" from the design plan, but I'm not sure this particular one adds as much as wonkies sometimes to.It will be a stunning quilt no matter what you decide. I agree that the red-cornered add a lot of life to it.Frebblebit

  4. Oh, that streak of lightning looks so good in the thumbnail on my sidebar ! I just had to come and have a 'bigger look', and I wasn't disappointed ! One of my favorites that you've done !I think that the strip quilt is so much fun !You just have to put that wonky block into your current quilt if it's calling to you that loudly !

  5. sewing pieces of fabric together to make a multi color block is fun isn't it – I was just doing that yesterday with some big hexies that I have no idea what I will use them for but I was trying to do something with scraps!Wild border print on that first quilt – love the zigzags.

  6. Wow what a border for Streak of Lightning, It explodes on this side of the screen.The minute I saw your 'scrappy eye' and scrolled down to the comments and saw how many had commented already… I knew what they would be commenting about. (*._,*)JJM

  7. What a inspiring blog post today. That border choice is perfect on your Streak of Lightening quilt. I am amazed at the progress on your Rattle Snake quilt. You are so focused. The scrap blocks are really fun. I am all for including several of these in your quilt. Your scrap blocks look like you are shaping them with that in mind. I believe this adds originality to this quilt. Great idea!

  8. Me too… love the zigzag and that wonderful border. And yes, put in the wonky snake eye. It made me look all over the quilt and come back to it than look all over the quilt again. That has to be a good thing!

  9. I do not see an eye?? What I see is Snake Bitten!!!! If you got bit by a snake…you would feel crazy, just like the patch!!! IMHO I like the name snake bit and leave it in….It is way coolVickie.vanathotmail.com

  10. I think it's a great idea to stick in that crazy block! It would make it such a good conversation piece in your next exhibit. Not in the middle, but on the side or on the bottom like you have it.

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