Back on track…….

I’m back on track with 2 blocks made last night.  I will take another photo of all of them on the design wall after I make 2 blocks tonight.  That will make 12 finished so it will make 3 complete big blocks.  I got these done in an hour and a half so maybe I am speeding up a little with the construction.
There was only one bud on the pink cactus for one big beautiful flower.  The white one has 3 buds but I doubt they will all bloom.  The red one had 5 buds but only 2 bloomed and the other 3 dried up.  I am thankful for any blooms that I get.


6 thoughts on “Back on track…….

  1. I'm loving your blocks and I'm a pp fan. I have a lot of plaids and homespuns that I haven't decided how to use yet. But I have decided not to buy any more homespuns… I'm not comfortable with the loose weave.

  2. I am enjoying the variety of your flannel fabrics, and your combinations you put into each block.We can never see to many blossoms this time of year. Just so very pretty.JJM

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