One block……..

I did one paper pieced melon shape yesterday.  I have Karen Stone’s book too and this quilt is in it.  There are diagrams for the paper piecing in the book but not in the pattern.  I used my Add a Quarter rulers for trimming the fabric.
I cut some corners of the blocks and more strips for the paper piecing while I watched a couple episodes of the Season 2 of Downton Abbey.  I finally got it from the library.  There are 102 on the list following me who want to see it.
I sewed the corners onto that first block but haven’t pressed it yet. 


19 thoughts on “One block……..

  1. Hi, Wanda. Enjoyed seeing your Bear Paw quilt grow–very lovely. And the melon is going to be gorgeous. As usual your choice of fabrics is pleasing and zingy, and then there's all those spikes! Have fun!best, nadia

  2. Paper piecing is tedious, but it does make stunning results possible. Those Add a Quarter rulers really help. Glad you were finally able to get a copy of season 2. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Love the look of the plaids with the paper piecing! But inquiring minds want to know – this is so different from how you usually work, I'm wondering if you enjoyed the paper piecing?

  4. This looks like a tricky one. I was wondering how it would turn out. Did you have any trouble getting the corners on? Thank you for sharing, it's so nice to see the extra ordinary simplified into units.

  5. I have the EQ software with this block in it. I'll enjoy seeing how it turns out. I heard Karen speck in Knoxville a few years ago, she is delightful and her quilts were all awesome!

  6. I will enjoy watching this one grow. I imagine the block isn't any more time consuming as a bear paw, but it sure looks like it might be. Is it the curve ?JJM

  7. Wanda, you are such an inspiration. I almost finished the binding on my very first attempt at handquilting. I started it years ago and finally got it done. Just about 18 more inches of binding. I want to be like you – finish a quilt a day..LOL THanks for all your inspiration and tips!!!

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