Playing with flannel……..

This is the Karen Stone paper piecing pattern that is shown made in flannel.  It is from 1998 and I probably bought it around that time.
I pulled a selection of flannels in the 3 groups it called for, darks, lights, and reds.  Some of them are small pieces and will only end up in the paper piecing part.  The 2 background pieces in each block plus paper piecing parts will be cut from the larger pieces.
The second group of flannels I pulled will be for a Stack and Slash quilt.  I got 19 of them cut into the 7″ square and 4.5″ strips but one piece was too small so I will look for a replacement for it today.

18 thoughts on “Playing with flannel……..

  1. I think I have that pattern too. Bold choice to use flannel and paper piecing together. I think it will be beautiful and the paper may actually help to tame the flannel a little bit.

  2. flannel is something I have never used in quilts – I don't know why I have never tried them, I just haven't – I think I might have 2 pieces in the entire stash that were used for things other than quilts. I look forward to seeing this quilt of yours

  3. How interesting to try paper piecing with flannel. I had a terrible time trying to paper piece one little cotton block. I'll be watching to see your results. Do flannels have to be washed first before using in a quilt? Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

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