A couple layouts…….

I still had 4 blocks cut out that I hadn’t sewn so I made them before I played with layouts.
My first layout used all of the blocks except one and spacers cut from a favorite fabric.  My only problem with it is that it is 70″ square.    It is almost too big for a wallhanging and is an odd shape for a couch quilt. It isn’t a usable size for a bed except as a topper over a bedspread.  The only bed that is square is a king size and this wouldn’t even cover the top of the mattress.  It would need at least 20″ in borders on each side. I’m not a big fan of square quilts (except as wallhangings). If I added another row of large blocks to the bottom it would be 70″ x 84″, too short for a single bed, pretty large for a couch throw. 
The second layout is symmetrical, 56″ x 70″ size.  It would be a good size for a nap.  It leaves me with 6 leftover blocks.  I think I am ready to move on and will most likely sew the second layout (not set in stone, but likely).  While I watched Downton Abbey I trimmed paper foundations from a Karen Stone pattern.  It is shown in flannel and that is what I will use.  I am going to cut for 2 flannel quilts at the same time.  I’m thinking about a Stack and Slash for the second one.
Making the Bear Paw quilt has created another bin of scraps.  Most of these are pretty small.  I will cut 2″ squares out of all that I can and the smaller scraps will get used in mug rug creativity at a later date.

21 thoughts on “A couple layouts…….

  1. I like #2 best! I wanted to tell you that I found the Bender Blocks book by Margaret Miller too! So now I have both books,they are amazing 🙂 you have been a huge inspiration to me during this time of "oh no I've lost my quilting mo-jo" lol. I am looking for a workshop to learn the M. Miller techniques if you are doing one this year. I live in Nashville so I can get most places in a day or so. Thank you for posting each day! Amie 🙂

  2. I'm liking #1 as my eyes keep looking at the design. In Canada, 70 x 70 is a Quilt of Valor favorite size for the soldiers to curl up in. Even if not used for that, it may not be too large for some people?

  3. Second layout gets my vote also. It shows the beauty of each block, big, in-between, and small. And love the layout design. Pure perfection again Wanda.Your fabrics you used for the bear paws themselves are so full of wonderful color. Of course your scraps will make grand mug rugs. JJM

  4. If you weren't comfortable with the first layout, you'd never be comfortable with it….so go with the second! And you can piece the additional blocks into the back.

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