Paw prints………

Here is the new batch of blocks I made yesterday.  I finally got one of the 7″ blocks made to see if I would want to make very many of them.  It really wasn’t too bad and it came out to the right size.
I have more fabrics cut so this won’t be the whole variety of fabrics.  I pieced one ‘paw’ for the 10.5″ finished size block which will also play well with the 14″ and 7″ blocks.  I was testing the measurements that I came up with to be sure I had them right.
I drew the block and then figured the cut size measurements of all of the pieces for 2 sizes of blocks.  I made notations of how many of each piece and which ones I had dies for and the rest will be rotary cut.
I will cut more background fabrics today.  I’m sure there are still more I can pull but I might be happy with just repeating the ones already chosen.

19 thoughts on “Paw prints………

  1. Beautiful blocks! I have always loved Bear Paw, but it is great seeing it in Kaffe Prints. I also think this block looks great without sashing. I had never seen a Bear Paw quilt without sashing, until pieced one several years ago. I just love way it looks when the blocks butt up against one another.

  2. Your bear paw blocks are the most elegant ever! The combination of both fabrics in each block, just take my breath away. Already this another favorite.JJM

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