New blocks…….

I managed to get 3 of the Bear Paw blocks pieced yesterday.  They are a whopping big 14″ finished.  I’m thinking about making some 7″ blocks too.
I thought I would show the tiniest of the preemie gowns that we make.  They are just 7″ from top to bottom.  It is hard to imagine a baby that small but this is the size they use the most and the layette that they want 2 gowns in.  They will still get ribbon run through the neckband so the neckline can be gathered up tighter.
That is frozen drops on this branch and if you look closely you can see that the branch is totally covered with ice.  Luckily our temperature is headed up already so it will be melted sometime soon.  We have 60 predicted for a high Tuesday and then 0 early Friday morning.  How’s that for a strange winter?
The advertising is out for the show at the Ciel gallery in Charlotte NC.  I hope my quilts get there tomorrow as predicted by the USPS.

17 thoughts on “New blocks…….

  1. I love the blocks, but WOW… they are big! And then in contrast the small infant gowns. I am sure they are going to be loved!! Congrats again on having another exhibit in the Ciel Gallery! This one is a long one…. Hmmmm… I would love to get there!

  2. Those blocks are gorgeous!!! The little gowns are so sweet. I have cared for babies that would be too small for even that size! It is such a wonderful project for the parents to see their preemies in cute clothing. Great job.Yes, I saw your temps were heading into the 60s before dropping to the teens by the end of the week. What a fluctuation for you folks!

  3. If only Ciel Gallery was closer.Congrats on this upcoming show, Wanda.14" combined with 7" blocks . . What fun! !Our temp today nd tomorrow in the lo-70sThursday . . . . 31Cripes, it's still JanuaryHugs

  4. And I quote: for those of us who crave your dances with color. What a perfect description for your blog.Your bear claws are wonderful and I like the nice big size also. JJM p.s. I think I figured out how to send a comment from my iPad now. 😊

  5. wanda, love your blog, you have made me inspired to get into it and sew, love all your colour, and would like to know how big you cut your prismic gardens pieces, would it be 2.5 inch wide ? i would love to try it. sew many quilts. judy At australia

  6. Those are gorgeous bear's paw blocks! Sounds like we're having the same weather – it's going to be incredibly mild here on Wednesday followed by a steep drop on Thursday.

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